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Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial Conveyancing is the process by which commercial properties or land is bought, sold or assigned, with the transactions carried out by a commercial property solicitor. We understand that commercial property conveyancing can be particularly cumbersome due to the number of parties normally involved in a transaction; such as the Landlord’s solicitors, superior landlords, seller`s solicitors (outgoing tenant- if leasehold), buyer’s solicitors (incoming tenant- if leasehold), sub-tenants and guarantors. This is why it is important when choosing your commercial conveyancing solicitor, to ensure they have the time to dedicate to your case as well as expertise in the task.

Your property might be a shop, retail park, office, bar or restaurant, industrial space, warehouse, community or leisure property. You might be a landlord, seller, buyer, or guarantor.

Whatever type of premises you have, we offer expert legal services for purchasing, selling, leasing, terminating leases or renewing leases, commercial mortgages, acquiring sites for residential development etc. Get in touch and we will provide you with a commercial conveyancing quote and run through your situation along with any questions you may have.

We provide an efficient and smooth service and our solicitors and lawyers are highly dedicated to ensuring quick, quality conveyancing to a wide variety of business clients.

What sets us apart?



You won't find a better service at a better price. We make sure our pricing is clear so that you can see what fees apply to the relevant areas.



The majority of the process can be done from home, online or via phone post and email. You will receive email updates on the crucial movements on your case.



The most common complaint is due to poor communication, that's why we make sure to be on hand to answer your queries. You can contact us by phone or email, or arrange an appointment, whichever you prefer.

Our experienced Commercial conveyancing team, can assist you with:

• The sale or acquisition or re-mortgage of shops, offices, restaurants, warehouse, industrial units and sites for commercial, industrial, residential and mixed use
• The grant, renewal and termination of leases
• Conditional sale and purchase contracts, auctions
• Commercial leases
• Commercial mortgages
• Rent reviews
• Variation of Leases
• Lease assignments
• Tenancy agreement
• Leasehold extension

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