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According to research conducted by Opinium Research (September 2017) around 60% of UK adults currently have no will. With no will in place the division of your estate falls to intestacy rules which can cause significant problems for loved ones and leave intended beneficiaries completely out of the picture.

A simple will is for estates below the inheritance tax threshold and/or simply leaving their assets to a few family and friends or charities.

If you require a more complex will, such as trusts or estate planning please contact us on 0207 112 8446 to speak to one of our experienced lawyers.

Simple Wills £75 plus VAT

“Item I gyve unto my wife my second best bed with the furniture”

— Extract from the will of William Shakespeare

“The king of France’s picture, set with four hundred and eight diamonds, I give to my daughter, Sarah Bache, requesting, however, that she would not form any of those diamonds into ornaments either for herself or daughters, and thereby introduce or countenance the expensive, vain, and useless fashion of wearing jewels in this country”

– Extract from the will of Benjamin Franklin

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